8 Elements To Consider Before Choosing The Best English Medium School

“All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think.” – Ken Robinson

As a concerned parent, you are surely going to put your focus on your child’s schooling since it is the first stepping stone to their bright future. And when it is the question of sending them to a good school, the choice of a reputed English medium (check out the best CBSE English medium school in Kolkata Rajarhat) is quite obvious. However, if you are unaware of the crucial parameters that you should check even before filling in the admission form then read the enlisted points given below.

Medium of instruction
The medium of teaching and instruction is extremely vital. This is to be considered as the first parameter when you are making a list of the top English medium schools to admit your child. Since English is a global language and also comes off as a communicative language, sending your ward to an excellent English medium is a mandate. The child not only learns to read and write in English but also hones the skills of speaking the language fluently. When they are taught fine literary texts in English, the children automatically develop strong writing skills and an impressive vocabulary. In the long run, this helps them to crack any competitive exams with flying colours.

Board of examination
Next in line is the board of examination. In India, we have three categories of nationally recognised examination boards. These are namely CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education), CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations), and the regional boards. Besides, there is a steep surge of international boards of education like IB (International Baccalaureate) and IGCSE (the International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Now, if your spouse’s or your job is subject to transfer then it is wise to select a school under the CBSE board since this board is the most prevalent in India.

Teaching faculty
With modernization, you have the advantage of knowing about a particular school in detail with just a click. Having said that, you can easily visit the website of the respective schools and learn a great deal about the teaching faculty of the entire school. Most of the websites have the educational qualifications of the principal, head-teachers, coordinators, and teachers displayed. If a school has an extremely educated staff of teachers, learned and holds substantial years of experience then the institution can be zeroed in on. This only affirms your faith in the school, ensuring that your child will be entrusted with the care and knowledge of educated teachers.

“A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.”- Henry Ward Beecher. That is a well-remarked quote and the truth of the statement is beyond debate. Doubtlessly, a well-resourced library is one of the main elements of a good and established English medium. A library is not only a place to go and read books but this is where leaders of tomorrow are born. Young minds should be exposed to books from across the globe to build their knowledge, nurture their interests and definitely help them to form their own interpretations of what they see, learn, and observe. A library becomes the ultimate medium to bridge the gap between education limited to the syllabus and the education acquired from the pages of excellent books.

Extracurricular activities
Co-curricular activities like declamation, debate, elocution, storytelling, extempore, etc. help in developing the English speaking skills of a child. With these activities, teachers take the opportunity to inculcate in their students the urge to participate in inter and intra-school competitions. Such endeavors make them smart, worldly-wise, and well-spoken.

Choose an English medium school that is a high school i.e. it has from kindergarten to class 12. Such a school saves you from the hassle of seeking admission in another institution right when your child passes his class 10 exams. When your child is admitted to the kindergarten, he passes on from one class to the next until he passes his class 12.
Tuition and other fees speak a lot about a good English medium school. Yet you can completely negate the notion that all English medium schools have unaffordable fees. However, this is also not the case since many schools like a reputed CBSE English medium school in Arjunpur, Baguihati, have standard fees. But it is also essential to mention that the tuition fees are quite affordable. The facilities provided to the students make the fees worth spending your hard-earned money for.

Get information about the ex-students and the alumni forum. Here you have chances to come across students who are presently successful in their careers. You will see that there are doctors, engineers, teachers, and the likes who are pass-outs of that particular institution. These serve as a guarantee that the school guides, educates, and disciplines the students in the proper channel. They are also inspired to nurture their skills, interests, and passions as well.

Keeping all these aspects in mind you must look out for the best boarding school in Bolpur or near your home. Give your child a scope to learn, grow and achieve what they are capable of. Under the strict guidance of their teachers and a strong administrative staff, every child is bound to shape his or her own future.

At North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School at Arjunpur, Rajarhat & Bolpur, we look into the holistic development of our students. We help them to nurture their interests as well as offer the best of education under the CBSE curriculum. Our contact details are given on our official website for your convenience to contact us for further queries.

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