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Online Classes - worksheet class nursery english

13/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
12/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
09/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
06/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
05/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
01/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
29/Sep/2020 Home work VIEW
28/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
25/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
24/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
22/Sep/2020 Homework VIEW
18/Sep/2020 Homework VIEW
16/Sep/2020 HW- Match the word that rhymes VIEW
16/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
15/Sep/2020 HW VIEW
14/Sep/2020 Draw a picture for each letter VIEW
25/Aug/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
21/Aug/2020 Missing letters VIEW
20/Aug/2020 Trace the alphabets VIEW
18/Aug/2020 H.W VIEW
17/Aug/2020 H.W VIEW
13/Aug/2020 Home work VIEW
10/Aug/2020 English HW VIEW
21/Jul/2020 Identify the picture and match VIEW
20/Jul/2020 Matching VIEW
17/Jul/2020 What comes after VIEW
14/Jul/2020 H.W- Write the small letter and draw a picture to the letter VIEW
13/Jul/2020 Revision write A – Z VIEW
10/Jul/2020 Homework VIEW
10/Jul/2020 Write the first letter of the picture VIEW
09/Jul/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
08/Jul/2020 Trace or write the letters VIEW
07/Jul/2020 Printing H VIEW
06/Jul/2020 What comes before VIEW
06/Jul/2020 Circle the odd alphabets in the group VIEW
03/Jul/2020 Circle the correct beginning sound VIEW
02/Jul/2020 H.W- Draw a line to match the pictures and the word VIEW
01/Jul/2020 H.W VIEW
30/Jun/2020 Match the capital Letter with Small Letter VIEW
29/Jun/2020 Read and write VIEW
26/Jun/2020 Write the first letter of the pictures. VIEW
25/Jun/2020 H.W- Practice G VIEW
23/Jun/2020 English H.W VIEW
22/Jun/2020 H.W- Choose the correct Letter VIEW
19/Jun/2020 Practice Letter- E VIEW
19/Jun/2020 Join each letter to the picture with the same beginning sound. VIEW
18/Jun/2020 Practice alphabet- D VIEW
17/Jun/2020 Practice writing from A – Z. VIEW
17/Jun/2020 H.W- Handwriting Practice- Letter C VIEW
15/Jun/2020 Trace the capital and small alphabets N – Z. VIEW
15/Jun/2020 Handwriting Practice- Letter B VIEW
11/Jun/2020 Trace the capital and small alphabets A – M. VIEW
10/Jun/2020 Fill in the missing short vowels. VIEW
09/Jun/2020 Beginning word sound. VIEW
08/Jun/2020 Trace the capital letter and small letter VIEW
08/Jun/2020 Match the uppercase letter to it’s lowercase VIEW
05/Jun/2020 Small Alphabets a-z VIEW
05/Jun/2020 Match the fruits VIEW
04/Jun/2020 Practise Small letter from Q-Z VIEW
03/Jun/2020 Practice small alphapet from K-T VIEW
02/Jun/2020 Practice small alphabets- a-j VIEW
01/Jun/2020 Trace the small alphabets VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Write the missing alphabets to complete the alphabet chart VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Join each letter to the picture with same beginning sound. VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Letter picture match. Match the words with the picture. VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Fill in the missing letter in each word. VIEW
14/May/2020 Fill in the letter that comes before the others. VIEW
13/May/2020 Fill in the missing uppercase letters. VIEW
12/May/2020 Write the Alphabet from A-Z VIEW
11/May/2020 Practice from A-Z VIEW
07/May/2020 Write the Letters VIEW
05/May/2020 Letter Match VIEW
04/May/2020 Match the capital letter to the small letter VIEW
30/Apr/2020 Fill in the blanks with missing letter VIEW
29/Apr/2020 Write the first letter of the picture VIEW
28/Apr/2020 Match the alphabet with the object with same starting alphabet VIEW
27/Apr/2020 Write the first letter of picture VIEW
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently