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We at North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School believe that debate is a great device for engaging students and bringing life to the classroom. Using debates in the classroom can help students understand essential critical-thinking and presentation skills. Classroom debates can nurture rational thinking, citizenship, manners, organization of thoughts, persuasion and public speaking. Student debate has the capability to deeply engage the students in relevant learning and to inspire students to be deep thinkers. More than just arguing, the structure and rules of a debate are designed to keep both sides calm. Class debates give students the opportunity to test their thoughts and views against that of their peers. It is important to set the right tone for discussion in the classroom early on in the semester to establish a rapport with students. Studies have shown that students who contribute to class conversations early are much more likely to continue contributing to class discussions later on. Therefore, it is vital to find ways to involve all students in the classroom debates.

North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School
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