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Swimming Pool

We at North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School strongly believe every school should have a pool. It would make schools like ours better and offer more educational programs. It would cut out the cost of bus fees. We could run events in our own pool and not have to hire an outside venue. Firstly, every child should learn to swim. The school could run lessons and make everyone better swimmers. Kids could grow up to go in the Olympics, because they learnt to swim at an early age and swam regularly at their school. Secondly, we wouldn’t have to walk or take the bus anywhere. The swimming pool would be right outside our classroom. It would take less time to get back to work again and it would save heaps of time. Thirdly, kids will get more exercise if they have a pool at school, where they go five days a week. It would be part of P.E, and a fun, sporty activity. Lots of kids love swimming and having a pool would make school more enjoyable as well as improving their health and fitness. Every school should definitely have a swimming pool. It would be fun and educational. Schools would look more appealing and more students would want to go to school. There is no doubt schools would be better with a pool.

North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School
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