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Online Classes - worksheet class 11 maths

09/Oct/2020 CLASS -XI (MATHS) chapter -Sequence and Series 09/10/20 VIEW
25/Sep/2020 Class - XI (MATHS) Chapter - LINEAR INEQUALITIES 25/09/20 VIEW
08/Sep/2020 Class XI (MATHS) Chapter- Complex Number and Quadratic Equations 08/09/20 VIEW
15/Aug/2020 Class XI (MATHS) chapter -9 Sequences and Series 15/08/20 VIEW
11/Jul/2020 Class XI ( MATHS) Chapter -3 Trigonometric Functions 11/07/20 VIEW
03/Jul/2020 Class XI ( MATHS) chapter-5 03/07/20 VIEW
27/Jun/2020 Class XI Maths Worksheet 27/06/20 VIEW
24/Jun/2020 Class XI (MATHS) chapter 2 - RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS 24/06/20 VIEW
16/May/2020 Class XI MATHS Holiday Homework (16-05-2020) VIEW
15/May/2020 CLASS XI MATHS worksheet CHAPTER 1 14-05-2020 VIEW