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Online Classes - worksheet class nursery gk_drawing

15/Oct/2020 Homework VIEW
13/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
09/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
01/Oct/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
28/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
22/Sep/2020 Homework VIEW
21/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
15/Sep/2020 HOME WORK VIEW
09/Sep/2020 Use the given color code to color the picture that begins with the sound VIEW
13/Aug/2020 Home work VIEW
08/Jul/2020 Homework VIEW
07/Jul/2020 Find the Shadow VIEW
06/Jul/2020 Circle what belongs VIEW
03/Jul/2020 Healthy Food VIEW
02/Jul/2020 H.W- Color the Fruits VIEW
26/Jun/2020 What will come next. VIEW
26/Jun/2020 Body Picture Matching VIEW
23/Jun/2020 Color the picture VIEW
19/Jun/2020 Trace and colour the umbrella. VIEW
18/Jun/2020 Draw the Lion VIEW
18/Jun/2020 Colour the Papaya VIEW
16/Jun/2020 Colour the ice cream. VIEW
15/Jun/2020 Colour the sunflower. VIEW
11/Jun/2020 Connect the dots and colour. VIEW
10/Jun/2020 Colour the grapes. VIEW
09/Jun/2020 Colour the pictures that begin with the sound of the letter A. VIEW
04/Jun/2020 Match the sea animal with their color VIEW
03/Jun/2020 Trace and Color VIEW
01/Jun/2020 Draw the flower according to their number VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Read and colour. VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Read the sentence and colour the correct picture. VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Count and colour the correct number. VIEW
15/May/2020 Holiday Homework- Read and colour. VIEW
13/May/2020 Connect and colour. VIEW
12/May/2020 Match The Color VIEW
11/May/2020 Connect & Color VIEW
07/May/2020 Count, Write & Color the Object VIEW
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